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Veronica, Italian. This blog is just an ode to the awesomesauceness that Stana Katic is, inside and out. I believe in destiny, and I think everyone of us has its own path ahead. It is only a matter to find it.

"Find the absolute rhythm and follow it with absolute trust."

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Kate Beckett climbing Rick Castle  (i.e. the evolution of Castle’s face in Bex legs)

Stana Katic / KBex alter egos through the years

Taking the other person head in the hands while kissing

"This is a stage of increasing intimacy expressed in a way normally reserved for family or, for girls, maybe best friends. This is about stroking hair or cheek or holding the other person’s face as you give them a gentle kiss. It may be a natural, unembarrassed touch while you talk. We’re talking about real familiarity, real comfort with each other when you start touching hand to head."

Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) + finger food

“Sometimes I’m just hungry, okay? We’re doing the scene over lunch and I haven’t eaten lunch so… “I’m just gonna eat in this scene okay?”. And Rob’s like “No, don’t eat in this scene” and I’m like “Rob it’s real, it’s natural”. And then Andrew came to me one day and said “Can you just stop eating in the scenes?” And I said, “You know what, Brad Pitt eats in every movie, in every one for the last ten years, it’s real acting!”

Liefdesverdriet (n.) Dutch

the sadness, depression or pain one feels about a love unanswered or love that is gone.

4x16 / 6x17

4x23 / 6x17

"Beckett hung on!"

"You were with me the whole time."

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Castle’s intros

4x07 / 6x16

Kate x Alexis + thank you

 Stana Katic as Vera Mulqueen. Original photo by Rob P. Jaffe

Stana Katic as Vera Mulqueen. Original photo by Rob P. Jaffe

1x07 / 6x15

"Here with you."

Rob:” She was also very concerned she would look…”

Jon & Seamus:”Pretty?”

Rob: “…bad enough. And so I promised her that when we were in the color timing I would make her look like a cadaver.(…) And I remember emailing her saying “By the way just let color time and you’ll look dead. *laughs* And she wrote back “Thank you.” I said “The only actress in Hollywood would say “Thank you for making me look dead”.”

Seamus: “That’s our Stana.”

Rob Bowman, Seamus Dever, Jon Huertas, Tamala Jones “Rise” commentary

"And we could dive into it together."


"Forehead to forehead touching actually originated in Egypt circa 98 B.C. They observed the feline species butting foreheads together in what seemed to be an act of compassion. This was later dismissed by scientists as not compassion but of marking their territory. Either way the Egyptian people adopted the act of forehead touching as a symbol of a strong romantic bond."

"You can’t let people believe that our characters on the show love each other if, behind the scenes, actors can’t stand or insult each other. It’s impossible." - Nathan Fillion about his relationship with Stana Katic (x)