Fata Morgana
Veronica, Italian.

"Find the absolute rhythm and
follow it with absolute trust."

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4x23 / 7x01


Castle season posters from from “Flowers for your grave” to "Driven"

Stana Katic x trolling on Twitter

*evil laugh* *evil laugh*

3x24 / 4x23

"Stay with me"

Kate Beckett + her mom’s ring

"Wherever she is she’s proud".

Stana Katic as Vera Mulqueen. Original photo by Ron P. Jaffe

Stana Katic as Vera Mulqueen. Original photo by Ron P. Jaffe

Sankofa (phr.)  Akan 

lit. “to go back and fetch it”; we must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward, and we can understand why and how we came to be who we are today.  

@Stana_Katic: “Vintage. A night out with @RedCarpetLuke (x)

@Stana_Katic: “Vintage. A night out with @RedCarpetLuke (x)

OTP meme: 2) Scores - I just want you

"Since the pilot, the producers have been referring to the piano as being one of Beckett’s instruments. It’s classy and refined. Castle’s instruments are the African ceramic drums, the Mandolin – like Castle getting into trouble. It’s quirky. So the music has evolved. It didn’t come out of nowhere. Beckett did have some kind of piano theme, which is, what I would call a relative of the Caskett theme (“I Just Want You”). When Castle was investigating Beckett’s mother’s case there was a hesitant, repeating piano motif in some of those themes. And Andrew said to me after I wrote the kiss that one thing he really liked about it was that it felt like it summed up Beckett’s past and brought it into a new territory. It didn’t let go of her character and what has brought her to this point." - Robert Duncan, composer of the Castle score

Kate Beckett and Rick Castle last words for every season finale

Castle + swings

"It’s on neutral territory " - Rob Bowman

Kate Beckett climbing Rick Castle  (i.e. the evolution of Castle’s face in Bex legs)

Stana Katic / KBex alter egos through the years

Taking the other person head in the hands while kissing

"This is a stage of increasing intimacy expressed in a way normally reserved for family or, for girls, maybe best friends. This is about stroking hair or cheek or holding the other person’s face as you give them a gentle kiss. It may be a natural, unembarrassed touch while you talk. We’re talking about real familiarity, real comfort with each other when you start touching hand to head."