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Veronica, Italian. This blog is just an ode to the awesomesauceness that Stana Katic is, inside and out. I believe in destiny, and I think everyone of us has its own path ahead. It is only a matter to find it.

"Find the absolute rhythm and follow it with absolute trust."

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1x06 / 6x20

Kate Beckett nicknaming Rick Castle

Stana Katic + OMG awkwardness on a national television

Space. That way it’ll have gravity to it.

Stana when asked where she would have like Castle and Beckett to have the wedding. (x)

"To my always. You make saving the world magical" - Wild Storm dedication (x)

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5x23 / 6x19

Kate Beckett vs domestic “things”

Castle 6x19 sneak peek 2 “The invitation list”(x)

"We don’t have any divas here. We are not gonna have any divas, we’re gonna be a family,"
Stana Katic + Casketting like a boss on Twitter
Castle set and blowfish Stana Katic

5x04 / 6x13

Kate Beckett + seducing Castle

"And the student becomes the master."

6x05 / 6x13

"If they are gonna write about you I want it to be the truth, I want it to be about us."

"I was thinking like red..”

Stana Katic speaking about Beckett’s bridal dress color

"Celebrate the season!"

@RayStoney: “Tune into @Castle_ABC today on #TNT at 5pm!! I’m going to be hanging out with these guys @NathanFillion @Stana_Katic (x)

@RayStoney: “Tune into @Castle_ABC today on #TNT at 5pm!! I’m going to be hanging out with these guys @NathanFillion @Stana_Katic (x)