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Artie O’ Daly memories from his experience on the “Castle” set (x)

"Stana Katic smells like barbecue.  If you’ve ever smelled smoke in the night air as you’ve walked in the dusk and went, "Mm!  Somebody’s grilling something good!", you might instead want to turn around to see that you didn’t just walk by Stana Katic.  I’m not kidding.  Granted, perhaps this was a unique occasion since she had just eaten somebody’s pork rib for lunch and couldn’t get the smell of barbecue out of her hands, but she did also mention that she’d just spent the holidays "eating Argentinian barbecue and drinking wine", so it’s possible she smells like this ALL THE TIME.  We discussed the possibility of just making the fragrance a cologne.  Reason being:  It smells amazing.  She literally couldn’t stop smelling her hands.  Or putting her hands in my face with the direction of: "Smell!"

Stana Katic + sub - spoilering on Twitter    inspired by (x)

1x06 / 6x20

Kate Beckett nicknaming Rick Castle

Stana Katic + OMG awkwardness on a national television

Space. That way it’ll have gravity to it.

Stana when asked where she would have like Castle and Beckett to have the wedding. (x)

"To my always. You make saving the world magical" - Wild Storm dedication (x)

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5x23 / 6x19

Kate Beckett vs domestic “things”

Castle 6x19 sneak peek 2 “The invitation list”(x)

"We don’t have any divas here. We are not gonna have any divas, we’re gonna be a family,"
Stana Katic + Casketting like a boss on Twitter
Castle set and blowfish Stana Katic

5x04 / 6x13

Kate Beckett + seducing Castle

"And the student becomes the master."

6x05 / 6x13

"If they are gonna write about you I want it to be the truth, I want it to be about us."