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Veronica, Italian. This blog is just an ode to the awesomesauceness that Stana Katic is, inside and out. I believe in destiny, and I think everyone of us has its own path ahead. It is only a matter to find it.

"Find the absolute rhythm and follow it with absolute trust."

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"I’ve loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more"

"I’ve loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more"

1x06 / 6x20

Kate Beckett nicknaming Rick Castle

Fan: “I was just wondering if we were going to find out more about either Kate or Rick’s childhood? Are we going to see them as kids or teenagers?”
Nathan: “Ooh that’d be cool, like having a… Ooh what if we had an episode where we kind of go do a flashback, and like they’ve met once as kids, but don’t remember”
Marlowe: “That’d be fun”
Nathan: “Right? Pulling some pigtails on a playground… ‘Kate! Stop pulling my pigtails!’ “

Castle 6x20 “The 70’s show” sneak peek (x)

Kate Beckett climbing Rick Castle  (i.e. the evolution of Castle’s face in Bex legs)

"On April 21 Castle returns to the disco era."

"To my always. You make saving the world magical" - Wild Storm dedication (x)

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Kate Beckett & Rick Castle x coffee at the precint.

The evolution through the years.

Taking the other person head in the hands while kissing

"This is a stage of increasing intimacy expressed in a way normally reserved for family or, for girls, maybe best friends. This is about stroking hair or cheek or holding the other person’s face as you give them a gentle kiss. It may be a natural, unembarrassed touch while you talk. We’re talking about real familiarity, real comfort with each other when you start touching hand to head."

Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) & Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) + height difference

Stana Katic : 5’ 9”

Nathan Fillion : 6’ 1½”

Height difference : 4.72 inches

Castle 6x19 sneak peek 2 “The invitation list”(x)


"She’s armed, he’s dangerous" Castle season 3 promo sizzle