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Seriously guys?

Today I was ready to enter on Tumblr and find many posts about Stana at WGA, instead what I found? That Stana didn’t go because she was sick ( and this is completely fine, I mean, I’m sorry for her, and I really hope she recovers ASAP), AND that there were many many people frustrated, sad, angry, about this; or others insinuating still the Stana and Nathan thing and some other very useless conspirational plans of this sort? I actually couldn’t believe this, and I had to read a few times what there was on the pc screen, to be sure to have got it right. And I had, but…seriously?

Stana can’t attend an event because she’s sick and what is the fans’ reaction? Disappontment? Rage? Ideas of useless theories about stupid gossip that never ends?

I’m sure Stana is sick simply because she works a lot and is very busy, so as every human being in this world she can be sick sometimes, all she needs is probably just a bit of relax; but what I found as majority on twitter instead of messages of the like of “Stana I hope u will be better soon”, there were messages stating various things about her Nathan and mono (the kiss disease), or other people rambling because she wasn’t there, that she was supposed to be there etc etc?

Really, how does the brains of these people work? You are a fan of a person (yes, a person, given that many people i think just forgot this point), and all you can do when she can’t go somewhere (given that the same situation repeated other times in the past), is starting building up nonsensical theories, and harassing her with tweets continually asking why she wasn’t there, tagging her in that Stana and Nathan tweets, tagging her in those tweets about being angry or sad because she wasn’t there? Tagging her? We know that she reads the tweets, so (without mentioning the fact that I totally can’t understand why someone should be angry to someone else for being sick, and why a person should invent from the blue some story about the private life of another person) what’s the point in hypotetically let her read these ones? If you have some free time, go out and take some fresh air, instead of writing useless things, please, it’s ealthier. If I was her, and I was sick, maybe also angry because of this, or sad, or tired, or simply sick, and I go on Twitter to read that unknown people write these sort of things to me, are angry to me or whatever, I don’t know actually exactly how I would feel.

I only know that in these moments all I would like to do is to hug her because, even if she’s a strong and great woman that certainly doesn’t need someone who stands for her, I would like to let her know that not all her fans are crazy people building theories or blaming her for something she couldn’t do nothing about; that there’s a part that is there for her and even if is silent will always be there, and that care for her really, even if they are on the other side of the planet. These people care not about Beckett, or Sofia, or Simone, or Nikki, but about Stana. Because, before being all her fantastic alter egos, she’s just a human being, a person, fact that some of you sometimes seem to forget.

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