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Veronica, Italian. This blog is just an ode to the awesomesauceness that Stana Katic is, inside and out. I believe in destiny, and I think everyone of us has its own path ahead. It is only a matter to find it.

"Find the absolute rhythm and follow it with absolute trust."

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Thank you so much guys!

Thank you so very much, you guys are the best followers ever! When I joined Tumblr i really don’t even thought I could have followers at all, so…THANK YOU. I am really humbled. I love you all :)

"I’ve loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more"

"I’ve loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more"

1x06 / 6x20

Kate Beckett nicknaming Rick Castle

Fan: “I was just wondering if we were going to find out more about either Kate or Rick’s childhood? Are we going to see them as kids or teenagers?”
Nathan: “Ooh that’d be cool, like having a… Ooh what if we had an episode where we kind of go do a flashback, and like they’ve met once as kids, but don’t remember”
Marlowe: “That’d be fun”
Nathan: “Right? Pulling some pigtails on a playground… ‘Kate! Stop pulling my pigtails!’ “

Castle 6x20 “The 70’s show” sneak peek (x)

“I love to kiss, but I don’t tell”

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I'm trying to edit a photo for my sidebar and I really like how yours looks. Did you just you use reduce noise? And if you did can you please tell me what number settings you used? I like how it looks smooth (if that makes any sense lol).

Hi! yes it makes sense lol. First, I download the ep in 720p, so that the pics are big, and I have no problem to have images with noise because of the size. Second, I have a psd that has like 200 layers with gradients, levels, various effects (because you have to lighten your image gradually, it’s not that with just one layer you have a perfect lightening without making your image ginned for the contrast); third, I also use Topaz to smooth my images, and sometimes (if needed), when I’ve almost finished the editing, the smooth tool. 
But please, if you have more questions just ask not in the anon mode, so I can help you, ok? ;)

Kate Beckett climbing Rick Castle  (i.e. the evolution of Castle’s face in Bex legs)

Stana Katic / KBex alter egos through the years

Stana Katic + OMG awkwardness on a national television

@Stana_Katic: “BTS working with my crew, my family.” (x)

@Stana_Katic: “BTS working with my crew, my family.” (x)

Castle 6x20 “The 70s show” still

Castle 6x20 “The 70s show” still

Anonymous asked:
Same anon. I wasn't trying to be rude! I'm sry if it came off that way. She's just a friend of mine & ppl jack her stuff all the time. I was actually being sincere in asking if it was an accident bc I kno it's impossible to kno of every post, but I also wanted to be sure it was original. I was rash & I apologize. I normally love ur stuff & ur blog. Have a good day!

Oh no prob. I know that when someone steals some of your art, you can also have your five minutes. We are just humans after all :)

Anonymous asked:
I mean ur latest edit is almost exactly the same as one done by another person weeks ago, right down to the pics u used. Only difference is colouring & that they blended/matched the pics better... Was this an accident?

uh I didn’t know actually…You know, i have a life out of tumblr, and i stay like 2 hours in the evening in it. I don’t know there was someone else that posted something similar. i don’t know who are you, given that you are so courageous that you wrote in the anon mode, but I trust you. Tumblr is so huge if i had to know every single post in it I would live in it, and fortunately I am a healthier and happier person. I’ll delete the post. Today I’m not in the mood to discuss with people who do not know me and impy things. If you followed me u’d known I am no thief. Generally ppl steal from me, not the other way around. but who cares. Go outside and get a life.;